Valentines Day Care Package

If you have a loved one far from home at Valentine’s Day, whether it’s a soldier deployed, a child away at college, or a friend living abroad, you can let them know they’re loved with a Valentine’s Day-themed care package.

When my husband was training for his Afghanistan deployment a couple of years ago, he was going to be about an hour from home on the day for Sweethearts.  We wouldn’t be together, and it was really sad because he was about to be gone and in danger for a whole year.  (Happy to say he’s safe and now back home!)  So I prepared this little package and hid it in his truck, to be found when he unpacked at the training site the night before Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day care package soldier gift


This was, actually, the very first care package I made for him.  The first of many more to come!

Here’s a list of what I included, to get you started with yours:

  • homemade Muddy Buddy Chex Mix (click on the link for the recipe)
  • A Psalm 91 bandanna (the link is where you can order one, a great scripture for a soldier)
  • A “52 Reasons I Love You” book, made from a deck of cards.  Check Pinterest for ideas!
  • A chocolate bar with Valentine’s paper decoration
  • A card

Valentines Day care package soldier gift

It wasn’t a whole lot, but for my first care package, it was a good start.  Notice I decorated the inside of the box with scrapbooking paper, something I later did with every box we sent to the ‘Stan.

You could also include:

  • a t-shirt
  • stuffed animal
  • silk flowers
  • funny underwear or boxer shorts
  • Little Debbie cakes in the Valentine’s Day theme
  • Red Hots candies
  • a coffee mug or plastic cup with hearts on it, check the Dollar Tree
  • home-baked treats

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If you like home decor and vintage collectibles, visit my other blog: We Call It Junkin.  Wishing you blessings ~ ~Dawn


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