Twelve Days of Christmas Care Package

You can create this Twelve Days of Christmas Care Package for someone that’s away from home this Christmas, and it will give them something fun to do each day in the weeks prior to Christmas.  I sent this to my husband last year when he was in Afghanistan, and he said it was his favorite of all the care packages we sent him.

12 twelve days of christmas care package ideas

For the box, I used a U S Mail Priority box, being careful to make sure the 12 items I was going to send would all fit!  I decorated the box with scrapbook paper, and printed titles that said “12 Days of Christmas” and “Open one a day starting Dec. 14.”

12 twelve days of christmas care package ideas



Here’s a list of each item I sent, which day in the song it represented, and why.  Now, you have to stretch your imagination on some of these…it was really hard coming up with some of them as that song is pretty far out there!

1st – Partridge in a pear tree – Yankee Candle tin in a balsam tree scent, to give his room a Christmas aroma.

2nd – Two turtle doves – A Turtle candy bar and a Dove chocolate candy bar

3rd – Three french hens – 3 French Vanilla K-Cups for the Kuerig machine I’d sent him, but you could send 3 of anything French vanilla flavored.

4th – Four calling birds – A bag of trail mix.  This was a hard one!   Four phone calling cards was my first idea, but we ended up being able to use Face Time for free, so he didn’t need that.  The “birds” led me to think of bird seed which led to trail mix.

5th – Five gold rings – five Ring Pops.  Five gold-foil-wrapped chocolate coins is another idea.

6th – Six geese a-laying  – Six plastic eggs filled with small candies and Chap Stick. The man never goes anywhere without Chap Stick.  The air is dry over there so lip balm is great.

7th – Seven swans a-swimming –  Another tough one!  Swimming led me to think of water, and I figured he could use a fresh washcloth, so, a brand new wash cloth.

8th – Eight Maids a-milking – Milk chocolate hot chocolate K-cups, but packets of mix works too.

9th – Nine Ladies Dancing – Photos of our daughters dancing at a Girl Scout dance they’d attended while he was deployed.  If you don’t have kids to take pictures of, you could print pictures from the web of silly people dancing that would give your soldier a chuckle.

10th – Ten lords a-leaping – Another stretch, but leaping made me think of feet, which made me think of socks or slippers.  I saw pink bunny slippers from the film, A Christmas Story, which we love, so I HAD to send him those!  (See photo below)

11th – Eleven pipers piping – I know in the song, the pipers are playing musical pipes, but I went with smoking pipes in my head and sent hubby some cigars, which I knew he’d really appreciate, especially after opening the gag-gift slippers the day before.  Enough to have for himself and share with his fellow soldiers after a tough day.  He really loved this.  If you recipient doesn’t smoke cigars, there are always bubble gum cigars, or you could get a toy flute/recorder.

12th – Twelve drummers drumming – I never had a moment’s pause what this gift would be.  The Chief LOVES Chicken-In-A-Biscuit crackers, which are shaped like DRUMsticks, get it?  The box in the photo below that’s wrapped and has the 12th day tag on it is a big box of these crackers, and yes, that’s what he opened on Christmas morning!  He was happy to have them.

12 twelve days of christmas care package ideas



I made my own tags using images found online that represented each verse from the song, and said “On the First day of Christmas, Your True Love Sent To You…”

12 twelve days of christmas care package ideas



And there you have it, a Twelve Days of Christmas Care Package!  Please feel free to leave a comment and share any other ideas you have, or let me know what you think.  I love to hear from y’all.

I have another care package coming for the season for all you Seinfeld fans out there – FESTIVUS!  My hubby and I loved that show, so I knew I’d have to send him a Festivus care package, and I’ll be sharing that one with you very soon.

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Thanks for reading and blessings to you and all of our U S soldiers, wherever they may be ~ Dawn

12 twelve days of christmas care package ideas

6 comments on “Twelve Days of Christmas Care Package

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! My hubby will be deployed over next Christmas, and I know he’ll love opening a present each day. Thank you SO much for sharing!! (Found it on Pinterest, and a couple of other wives in our squadron have already repinned it from me!)

  2. What a cute idea!!! This is so thoughtful, your husband is likely to have you. I hope he appreciates you, because you deserve it.

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  4. Such creative and thoughtful gifts you came up with! Something to look forward to is very good for keeping spirits as high as possible. God bless your entire family.

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