Thanksgiving Snack Box Care Package

When my hubby was deployed last year, he was stationed on a large base that I knew would serve a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner.  So instead of sending a care package that tried to mimic the dinner, I sent a Thanksgiving Snack Box Care Package.  This would be great for any soldier, student, missionary, or even a loved one in a nursing home or hospital.

For the box, I kept the decorations pretty simple.  Seasonal paper colors, leaf-printed paper, and Thanksgiving stickers were just fine, and on one flap I wrote, “Thanksgiving Snack Box.”

thanksgiving care package ideas



Then I put on my thinking cap and tried to think of snack foods that mimicked a Thanksgiving meal.  I sent:

  • Turkey “Slim-Jim”-type meat sticks (found at a health food store)
  • sweet potato chips (for the sweet potato casserole)
  • dried cranberries (for the cranberry sauce)
  • dried / baked green beans (found at health food store, sounds gross but actually good!)
  • mixed nuts and nut cracker (hubby’s favorite snack)
  • GoGo SqueeZ applesauce w/ cinnamon (very handy, you don’t need a spoon or bowl) (apple pie)
  • homemade pumpkin cookies (pumpkin pie)
  • espresso chip fiber bar (coffee)
  • a couple of candies – maple candy and a chocolate turkey
  • a Thanksgiving paper plate and napkin, for fun

thanksgiving care package ideas



The kids and I also included tracings of our hands, colored and made into turkeys, where we’d written on each finger something we’re grateful for, like, “Daddy will be home in # months!”  Also, the paper in the bottom of the box in the top photo was a group of silly Thanksgiving jokes, easy to find online.

thanksgiving care package ideas



Finished off with a greeting card and a small inspirational card he could keep in his pocket (from a Christian bookstore) and it was all ready to pack up.

You can pack up the goodies with some faux leaves from the dollar store, like this, just to make it a bit festive when he/she opens the box:

thanksgiving care package ideas



I hope your recipient enjoys any version of these ideas you might send, and I hope you’ve gotten some ideas you can use.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Watch soon for my 12 Days Of Christmas Care Package – my husband said that was his favorite.  He got to open a little gift each day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas, and he said it gave him something to look forward to each day.  Each “Day”/gift is related to the “Day” in the song!

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