Happy Birthday Care Package

Whether you have a soldier deployed or away in training, a student off at college, or any other loved one away from home on their birthday, these ideas for a Happy Birthday Care Package are sure to please.

When my husband was in Afghanistan, I decided not to send him a birthday box, since his birthday is on Christmas.  We were planning to send him lots of Christmas goodies, and I knew his birthday sweets would just be too much.  Instead, I sent him a 1/2 Birthday box in June!

So this idea works for actual birthday, or 1/2 birthday.

Cake In A Jar

I found the instructions online to make a cake in a jar.  Basically, I just used a regular cake mix, with colorful sprinkles mixed in, and baked it in a sterilized glass jar on a cookie sheet.  I did spray the jar with cooking spray.  Spousebuzz.com has a great tutorial on how to do all of this if you want more.

You can see my cake in a jar on the lower right of the photo, below.  I included a can of frosting, as it is best not to frost it before shipping.  Add a plastic knife (for spreading the frosting) and a fork, and your recipient is good to go.




You should also include some birthday napkins and a paper plate, just for added fun.

Oreo had their birthday-themed cookies out at the time, so you could look for those to add, or just the recipient’s favorite cookies would be fine.

No birthday care package would be complete without fish oil capsules and multivitamin tablets, right?  Just kidding!  But my soldier had requested them, so in they went.

I would suggest you add some of your birthday guy or girl’s favorite things.

  • favorite candy
  • coffee flavors or flavored syrups for coffee
  • favorite salty snacks
  • favorite scented shower gel or lotion
  • book by favorite author




Don’t forget to make the box pretty, and top it off with a festive bow!


I hope you’ve gotten some ideas here for a birthday care package for a loved one far from home.

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