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If you have a loved one that’s away from home for the holiday season AND a Seinfeld fan, you may want to send a Festivus care package.  I sent one to my husband when he was deployed last Christmas and it gave him quite a chuckle.

In case you don’t know about this infamous Seinfeld-created holiday, let me fill you in.  It all began with an episode called, “The Strike.”  George revealed that his father had invented his own holiday called Festivus, because he was tired of all the commercialism of Christmas.  Festivus included a pole instead of a tree, The Feats of Strength, and The Airing of Grievances.  The episode was hilarious, and Festivus has become such a part of pop-culture that thousands of people now have Festivus parties in their homes, and even cities have Festivus festivals!  They’re usually held Dec. 23rd.

But did you know this Seinfeld episode, and Festivus itself, was based on a true story? One of the Seinfeld writers suggested it for an episode after telling co-workers about this actual holiday his father invented during his childhood in the 1970s (or maybe it was 1960s.)  Yes, he actually grew up celebrating Festivus!  After the success of the episode, he wrote a book called, The Real Festivus.

For my care package, here’s what I included:

festivus care package ideas


  • Coffee
  • Homemade cookies and beer bread (already sliced)
  • Festivus greeting card (found at Zazzle.com or CafePress.com)
  • Box of candy
  • Book: The Real Festivus, no longer in print, find used copies online
  • DVD of Seinfeld, Season 9, which includes “The Strike”, the episode with the Festivus story (he had access to a DVD player)

The book is really funny, and he was very interested to find this was a true story, as I think any Seinfeld fan would be!

I had so much fun decorating this box.  I turned to Google Images and ran a search for “Seinfeld Festivus”.  I printed out several images people had created with quotes from the episode and taped them to the box.

festivus care package ideas



You may want to create your own “Top 10 Grievances About Deployment”, as I did.  Or, “Top 10 Grievances About Having My Baby Away At College”.  Put on your thinking cap, but remember to keep it light ~ he or she is away from home, so don’t make it too sad!


You should also create a phony gift certificate that states:

A gift has been made in your name to The Human Fund. Happy Festivus!

If you haven’t seen the episode but your recipient has, just trust me on the “Human Fund” thing, they’ll get it.

If you want to include something from the REAL Festivus, you can include a small clock and a bag ~ that will make sense after you read the book.

Another great idea – Find a recordable greeting card or picture frame, and record yourself singing one of the Festivus songs you’ll find on Festivusweb.com such as “Oh, Festivus,” sung to the tune of “Oh, Christmas Tree.”

A final idea, Zazzle.com and CafePress.com have lots of gifts with a Festivus theme, such as tee shirts, boxer shorts, and coffee mugs, that you can include in this care package.

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