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Easter is a great time to spoil a loved one and make him or her feel like a kid again, isn’t it?  Whether this person is far away from home or not, you can box up a great little care package and make someone feel really special.

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An Easter care package is perfect for:

  • a deployed soldier, or one at basic training, at a school, or stationed far away from you
  • a college student who won’t be at home for the holiday
  • a missionary, bringing the message of Jesus’ sacrifice to other nations
  • a loved one or friend in the hospital, or a nursing home on Easter
  • someone going through a move right around the holiday, and all of their Easter decor is in boxes
  • someone going through a tough time, who could use a reminder that you’re thinking of them, and of what Jesus did for each of us
  • a pastor or someone who gives a lot of time at your church – Easter is a great time to say “Thank You”


When my husband was deployed to Afghanistan a couple of years ago, his Easter care package was the first one I mailed to him.  Although I was sad and worried, it cheered me to shop for him and put together cute and silly things, tasty treats, and spiritual messages.  Creating this Easter care package might do you some good too, you never know!

To make mine, I started by lining the shipping box with Easter-themed scrapbooking paper:

Easter care package themes.com idea



I had shopped for most of the goodies at Dollar General and the grocery store.  Dollar G had this cute camo basket and the matching eggs!  I just had to get it, although looking back, The Chief was probably already sick of seeing camo.  Still, if I’d sent a bunch of pastel eggs, he might have gotten some teasing….use your best judgement for your recipient!

Easter care package themes.com idea



I included Easter candy like Peeps, jelly beans, a chocolate bunny, and pastel rice crispy Little Debbie snack bars.  Then I threw in a Bumble Bee chicken salad kit, some bottled water flavor enhancers, some Go Go Squeeze applesauce packs, and a pecan log, because every southern boy loves a pecan log.

Easter care package themes.com idea



You’ll notice in the photo above there’s a little card tucked in.  You can find the nicest little cards at Christian stores that are the size of a business card, and have inspirational messages and scriptures on them.  I bought up a stack of them before The Chief left, and tucked one in to each care package and card I sent him.

You could also include a little stuffed bunny or chick if your loved one would like that.  M&Ms always come in pastels this time of year.  Don’t forget the robins eggs candies!

This fabric Easter basket was perfect, because it was easy to stuff down into the shipping box.  I wrapped what wouldn’t fit into the basket in green tissue paper, sealed it all up, and away it went.

Easter care package themes.com idea



Good luck creating your Easter care package!  If it’s for a soldier, may he or she, may they all come home safe.  The U S still has thousands of soldiers in Afghanistan at the time I’m writing this, and all over the world.  God bless them and the families that support them!

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