Don’t Go Bananas! Care Package

You can send a cute and tasty gift to a loved one far away by following this list for a Don’t Go Bananas! care package.



The Box

First, you may want to decorate the box with monkey and banana scrapbooking paper.  You can find this at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and dedicated scrapbooking stores.  When my husband was deployed, we found paper with sock monkeys, see-no-evil & hear-no-evil monkeys, and monkeys and bananas.



My older daughter, who is a whiz with Power Point, made the cute titles that said:

  • Don’t go BANANAS!
  • Hang In There!

She put little monkey pictures on them, too.  If you don’t know how to do all of that, you can always use stickers, or hand-drawn art, as well.

A note about attaching these papers – We found that regular old Scotch tape worked best.  Glue sticks were a big FAIL.  Scrapbooking two-sided sticky squares work, too, but are pricey.  Just get a piece of tape, roll it backward on itself so it is a circle with the sticky side out, and you’re all set.


The Filling

Second, you’ll need some goodies for your box.  Banana flavored, of course!  And a monkey, of course!

We made our monkey at Build A Bear, and put in a recording device that we used to record ourselves saying, “Love you, Daddy” and “Love you, Sweetie”.  That way, he could hear our voices any time he wanted to.  He brought “Chief Monkey”, as he was named, home and our younger daughter adopted him.  Don’t miss his camo briefs and his Army-issued BCGs!



For the food, we added:

  • Little Debbie Banana Pudding Rolls
  • Buddy Fruits squeezable applesauce – banana flavored – very convenient for deployment
  • Banana chips
  • Banana pudding (and some plastic spoons)
  • Banana Bread flavored Oatmeal To Go cereal bars
  • Monkey mints – found at World Market



We also found a greeting card that had a monkey on it, not hard to find.



The Chief said it was “very cute…and very banana.”  🙂


Best of All

I think the best thing we added, though, was a photo book with pictures of our soldier’s girls making his stuffed monkey at Build A Bear.  I took pictures of us pumping the pedal that fills the stuffed animal, putting kisses on his hearts, (he has 3,) recording the message, picking out his clothes, even trying on different outfits.  My husband liked that best of all, and still has it.  So if you make a monkey, or even just go shopping for one, I really recommend you take pictures and make a photo book – it will mean a lot to the recipient.  After all, he/she is missing you all, too!



For Anyone In Tough Times

Finally, let me say this care package would be good for anyone going through a tough time, not just for a deployed soldier or overseas missionary.  You could create a gift basket, instead, and just offer some encouragement in a light-hearted way.

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