Easter Care Package

Easter is a great time to spoil a loved one and make him or her feel like a kid again, isn’t it?  Whether this person is far away from home or not, you can box up a great little care package and make someone feel really special.

Easter care package themes.com idea


An Easter care package is perfect for:

  • a deployed soldier, or one at basic training, at a school, or stationed far away from you
  • a college student who won’t be at home for the holiday
  • a missionary, bringing the message of Jesus’ sacrifice to other nations
  • a loved one or friend in the hospital, or a nursing home on Easter
  • someone going through a move right around the holiday, and all of their Easter decor is in boxes
  • someone going through a tough time, who could use a reminder that you’re thinking of them, and of what Jesus did for each of us
  • a pastor or someone who gives a lot of time at your church – Easter is a great time to say “Thank You”


When my husband was deployed to Afghanistan a couple of years ago, his Easter care package was the first one I mailed to him.  Although I was sad and worried, it cheered me to shop for him and put together cute and silly things, tasty treats, and spiritual messages.  Creating this Easter care package might do you some good too, you never know!

To make mine, I started by lining the shipping box with Easter-themed scrapbooking paper:

Easter care package themes.com idea



I had shopped for most of the goodies at Dollar General and the grocery store.  Dollar G had this cute camo basket and the matching eggs!  I just had to get it, although looking back, The Chief was probably already sick of seeing camo.  Still, if I’d sent a bunch of pastel eggs, he might have gotten some teasing….use your best judgement for your recipient!

Easter care package themes.com idea



I included Easter candy like Peeps, jelly beans, a chocolate bunny, and pastel rice crispy Little Debbie snack bars.  Then I threw in a Bumble Bee chicken salad kit, some bottled water flavor enhancers, some Go Go Squeeze applesauce packs, and a pecan log, because every southern boy loves a pecan log.

Easter care package themes.com idea



You’ll notice in the photo above there’s a little card tucked in.  You can find the nicest little cards at Christian stores that are the size of a business card, and have inspirational messages and scriptures on them.  I bought up a stack of them before The Chief left, and tucked one in to each care package and card I sent him.

You could also include a little stuffed bunny or chick if your loved one would like that.  M&Ms always come in pastels this time of year.  Don’t forget the robins eggs candies!

This fabric Easter basket was perfect, because it was easy to stuff down into the shipping box.  I wrapped what wouldn’t fit into the basket in green tissue paper, sealed it all up, and away it went.

Easter care package themes.com idea



Good luck creating your Easter care package!  If it’s for a soldier, may he or she, may they all come home safe.  The U S still has thousands of soldiers in Afghanistan at the time I’m writing this, and all over the world.  God bless them and the families that support them!

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Valentines Day Care Package

If you have a loved one far from home at Valentine’s Day, whether it’s a soldier deployed, a child away at college, or a friend living abroad, you can let them know they’re loved with a Valentine’s Day-themed care package.

When my husband was training for his Afghanistan deployment a couple of years ago, he was going to be about an hour from home on the day for Sweethearts.  We wouldn’t be together, and it was really sad because he was about to be gone and in danger for a whole year.  (Happy to say he’s safe and now back home!)  So I prepared this little package and hid it in his truck, to be found when he unpacked at the training site the night before Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day care package soldier gift


This was, actually, the very first care package I made for him.  The first of many more to come!

Here’s a list of what I included, to get you started with yours:

  • homemade Muddy Buddy Chex Mix (click on the link for the recipe)
  • A Psalm 91 bandanna (the link is where you can order one, a great scripture for a soldier)
  • A “52 Reasons I Love You” book, made from a deck of cards.  Check Pinterest for ideas!
  • A chocolate bar with Valentine’s paper decoration
  • A card

Valentines Day care package soldier gift

It wasn’t a whole lot, but for my first care package, it was a good start.  Notice I decorated the inside of the box with scrapbooking paper, something I later did with every box we sent to the ‘Stan.

You could also include:

  • a t-shirt
  • stuffed animal
  • silk flowers
  • funny underwear or boxer shorts
  • Little Debbie cakes in the Valentine’s Day theme
  • Red Hots candies
  • a coffee mug or plastic cup with hearts on it, check the Dollar Tree
  • home-baked treats

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Festivus Care Package

If you have a loved one that’s away from home for the holiday season AND a Seinfeld fan, you may want to send a Festivus care package.  I sent one to my husband when he was deployed last Christmas and it gave him quite a chuckle.

In case you don’t know about this infamous Seinfeld-created holiday, let me fill you in.  It all began with an episode called, “The Strike.”  George revealed that his father had invented his own holiday called Festivus, because he was tired of all the commercialism of Christmas.  Festivus included a pole instead of a tree, The Feats of Strength, and The Airing of Grievances.  The episode was hilarious, and Festivus has become such a part of pop-culture that thousands of people now have Festivus parties in their homes, and even cities have Festivus festivals!  They’re usually held Dec. 23rd.

But did you know this Seinfeld episode, and Festivus itself, was based on a true story? One of the Seinfeld writers suggested it for an episode after telling co-workers about this actual holiday his father invented during his childhood in the 1970s (or maybe it was 1960s.)  Yes, he actually grew up celebrating Festivus!  After the success of the episode, he wrote a book called, The Real Festivus.

For my care package, here’s what I included:

festivus care package ideas


  • Coffee
  • Homemade cookies and beer bread (already sliced)
  • Festivus greeting card (found at Zazzle.com or CafePress.com)
  • Box of candy
  • Book: The Real Festivus, no longer in print, find used copies online
  • DVD of Seinfeld, Season 9, which includes “The Strike”, the episode with the Festivus story (he had access to a DVD player)

The book is really funny, and he was very interested to find this was a true story, as I think any Seinfeld fan would be!

I had so much fun decorating this box.  I turned to Google Images and ran a search for “Seinfeld Festivus”.  I printed out several images people had created with quotes from the episode and taped them to the box.

festivus care package ideas



You may want to create your own “Top 10 Grievances About Deployment”, as I did.  Or, “Top 10 Grievances About Having My Baby Away At College”.  Put on your thinking cap, but remember to keep it light ~ he or she is away from home, so don’t make it too sad!


You should also create a phony gift certificate that states:

A gift has been made in your name to The Human Fund. Happy Festivus!

If you haven’t seen the episode but your recipient has, just trust me on the “Human Fund” thing, they’ll get it.

If you want to include something from the REAL Festivus, you can include a small clock and a bag ~ that will make sense after you read the book.

Another great idea – Find a recordable greeting card or picture frame, and record yourself singing one of the Festivus songs you’ll find on Festivusweb.com such as “Oh, Festivus,” sung to the tune of “Oh, Christmas Tree.”

A final idea, Zazzle.com and CafePress.com have lots of gifts with a Festivus theme, such as tee shirts, boxer shorts, and coffee mugs, that you can include in this care package.

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Twelve Days of Christmas Care Package

You can create this Twelve Days of Christmas Care Package for someone that’s away from home this Christmas, and it will give them something fun to do each day in the weeks prior to Christmas.  I sent this to my husband last year when he was in Afghanistan, and he said it was his favorite of all the care packages we sent him.

12 twelve days of christmas care package ideas

For the box, I used a U S Mail Priority box, being careful to make sure the 12 items I was going to send would all fit!  I decorated the box with scrapbook paper, and printed titles that said “12 Days of Christmas” and “Open one a day starting Dec. 14.”

12 twelve days of christmas care package ideas



Here’s a list of each item I sent, which day in the song it represented, and why.  Now, you have to stretch your imagination on some of these…it was really hard coming up with some of them as that song is pretty far out there!

1st – Partridge in a pear tree – Yankee Candle tin in a balsam tree scent, to give his room a Christmas aroma.

2nd – Two turtle doves – A Turtle candy bar and a Dove chocolate candy bar

3rd – Three french hens – 3 French Vanilla K-Cups for the Kuerig machine I’d sent him, but you could send 3 of anything French vanilla flavored.

4th – Four calling birds – A bag of trail mix.  This was a hard one!   Four phone calling cards was my first idea, but we ended up being able to use Face Time for free, so he didn’t need that.  The “birds” led me to think of bird seed which led to trail mix.

5th – Five gold rings – five Ring Pops.  Five gold-foil-wrapped chocolate coins is another idea.

6th – Six geese a-laying  – Six plastic eggs filled with small candies and Chap Stick. The man never goes anywhere without Chap Stick.  The air is dry over there so lip balm is great.

7th – Seven swans a-swimming –  Another tough one!  Swimming led me to think of water, and I figured he could use a fresh washcloth, so, a brand new wash cloth.

8th – Eight Maids a-milking – Milk chocolate hot chocolate K-cups, but packets of mix works too.

9th – Nine Ladies Dancing – Photos of our daughters dancing at a Girl Scout dance they’d attended while he was deployed.  If you don’t have kids to take pictures of, you could print pictures from the web of silly people dancing that would give your soldier a chuckle.

10th – Ten lords a-leaping – Another stretch, but leaping made me think of feet, which made me think of socks or slippers.  I saw pink bunny slippers from the film, A Christmas Story, which we love, so I HAD to send him those!  (See photo below)

11th – Eleven pipers piping – I know in the song, the pipers are playing musical pipes, but I went with smoking pipes in my head and sent hubby some cigars, which I knew he’d really appreciate, especially after opening the gag-gift slippers the day before.  Enough to have for himself and share with his fellow soldiers after a tough day.  He really loved this.  If you recipient doesn’t smoke cigars, there are always bubble gum cigars, or you could get a toy flute/recorder.

12th – Twelve drummers drumming – I never had a moment’s pause what this gift would be.  The Chief LOVES Chicken-In-A-Biscuit crackers, which are shaped like DRUMsticks, get it?  The box in the photo below that’s wrapped and has the 12th day tag on it is a big box of these crackers, and yes, that’s what he opened on Christmas morning!  He was happy to have them.

12 twelve days of christmas care package ideas



I made my own tags using images found online that represented each verse from the song, and said “On the First day of Christmas, Your True Love Sent To You…”

12 twelve days of christmas care package ideas



And there you have it, a Twelve Days of Christmas Care Package!  Please feel free to leave a comment and share any other ideas you have, or let me know what you think.  I love to hear from y’all.

I have another care package coming for the season for all you Seinfeld fans out there – FESTIVUS!  My hubby and I loved that show, so I knew I’d have to send him a Festivus care package, and I’ll be sharing that one with you very soon.

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Thanks for reading and blessings to you and all of our U S soldiers, wherever they may be ~ Dawn

12 twelve days of christmas care package ideas

Thanksgiving Snack Box Care Package

When my hubby was deployed last year, he was stationed on a large base that I knew would serve a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner.  So instead of sending a care package that tried to mimic the dinner, I sent a Thanksgiving Snack Box Care Package.  This would be great for any soldier, student, missionary, or even a loved one in a nursing home or hospital.

For the box, I kept the decorations pretty simple.  Seasonal paper colors, leaf-printed paper, and Thanksgiving stickers were just fine, and on one flap I wrote, “Thanksgiving Snack Box.”

thanksgiving care package ideas



Then I put on my thinking cap and tried to think of snack foods that mimicked a Thanksgiving meal.  I sent:

  • Turkey “Slim-Jim”-type meat sticks (found at a health food store)
  • sweet potato chips (for the sweet potato casserole)
  • dried cranberries (for the cranberry sauce)
  • dried / baked green beans (found at health food store, sounds gross but actually good!)
  • mixed nuts and nut cracker (hubby’s favorite snack)
  • GoGo SqueeZ applesauce w/ cinnamon (very handy, you don’t need a spoon or bowl) (apple pie)
  • homemade pumpkin cookies (pumpkin pie)
  • espresso chip fiber bar (coffee)
  • a couple of candies – maple candy and a chocolate turkey
  • a Thanksgiving paper plate and napkin, for fun

thanksgiving care package ideas



The kids and I also included tracings of our hands, colored and made into turkeys, where we’d written on each finger something we’re grateful for, like, “Daddy will be home in # months!”  Also, the paper in the bottom of the box in the top photo was a group of silly Thanksgiving jokes, easy to find online.

thanksgiving care package ideas



Finished off with a greeting card and a small inspirational card he could keep in his pocket (from a Christian bookstore) and it was all ready to pack up.

You can pack up the goodies with some faux leaves from the dollar store, like this, just to make it a bit festive when he/she opens the box:

thanksgiving care package ideas



I hope your recipient enjoys any version of these ideas you might send, and I hope you’ve gotten some ideas you can use.  Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Watch soon for my 12 Days Of Christmas Care Package – my husband said that was his favorite.  He got to open a little gift each day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas, and he said it gave him something to look forward to each day.  Each “Day”/gift is related to the “Day” in the song!

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Halloween Care Package

It’s not too early to start planning and packing that Halloween care package if you need to send it overseas.  Here are a few ideas from the Halloween box we sent my soldier when he was deployed in 2012:

If you’re in a big hurry, you can just send a plain box, but why not dress it up with some paint or scrapbooking papers?  Add stickers, dollar-store decorations, computer images printed out, or artwork from the kids.  Here is our box with scrapbook papers taped in:



Next, let’s take a look at what we packed in:

  • Candy – of course!
  • Homemade Steakhouse Chex Mix (opens in a new window)
  • K-cups for his coffee maker
  • Homemade orange bread and pumpkin muffins
  • Halloween decorations from the dollar store
  • An artificial pumpkin for his table or work space.  No idea if he used it, but he said he liked it!
  • Orange drink mix – the size for individual bottles of water
  • Fiber bars, for health
  • Phony green lips with nasty teeth – funny when they walk around wearing these.
  • Artificial spider webs and spiders packed in on top



Here is our finished care package…Halloween in Helmand!



As I’m publishing this, there has been a mass shooting on a US Naval base, and we continue to deal with the terrible situation in Syria.  Our soldiers are in danger always, but face it with courage, always.  May we continue to pray for them, and our nation!


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Happy Birthday Care Package

Whether you have a soldier deployed or away in training, a student off at college, or any other loved one away from home on their birthday, these ideas for a Happy Birthday Care Package are sure to please.

When my husband was in Afghanistan, I decided not to send him a birthday box, since his birthday is on Christmas.  We were planning to send him lots of Christmas goodies, and I knew his birthday sweets would just be too much.  Instead, I sent him a 1/2 Birthday box in June!

So this idea works for actual birthday, or 1/2 birthday.

Cake In A Jar

I found the instructions online to make a cake in a jar.  Basically, I just used a regular cake mix, with colorful sprinkles mixed in, and baked it in a sterilized glass jar on a cookie sheet.  I did spray the jar with cooking spray.  Spousebuzz.com has a great tutorial on how to do all of this if you want more.

You can see my cake in a jar on the lower right of the photo, below.  I included a can of frosting, as it is best not to frost it before shipping.  Add a plastic knife (for spreading the frosting) and a fork, and your recipient is good to go.




You should also include some birthday napkins and a paper plate, just for added fun.

Oreo had their birthday-themed cookies out at the time, so you could look for those to add, or just the recipient’s favorite cookies would be fine.

No birthday care package would be complete without fish oil capsules and multivitamin tablets, right?  Just kidding!  But my soldier had requested them, so in they went.

I would suggest you add some of your birthday guy or girl’s favorite things.

  • favorite candy
  • coffee flavors or flavored syrups for coffee
  • favorite salty snacks
  • favorite scented shower gel or lotion
  • book by favorite author




Don’t forget to make the box pretty, and top it off with a festive bow!


I hope you’ve gotten some ideas here for a birthday care package for a loved one far from home.

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Don’t Go Bananas! Care Package

You can send a cute and tasty gift to a loved one far away by following this list for a Don’t Go Bananas! care package.



The Box

First, you may want to decorate the box with monkey and banana scrapbooking paper.  You can find this at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and dedicated scrapbooking stores.  When my husband was deployed, we found paper with sock monkeys, see-no-evil & hear-no-evil monkeys, and monkeys and bananas.



My older daughter, who is a whiz with Power Point, made the cute titles that said:

  • Don’t go BANANAS!
  • Hang In There!

She put little monkey pictures on them, too.  If you don’t know how to do all of that, you can always use stickers, or hand-drawn art, as well.

A note about attaching these papers – We found that regular old Scotch tape worked best.  Glue sticks were a big FAIL.  Scrapbooking two-sided sticky squares work, too, but are pricey.  Just get a piece of tape, roll it backward on itself so it is a circle with the sticky side out, and you’re all set.


The Filling

Second, you’ll need some goodies for your box.  Banana flavored, of course!  And a monkey, of course!

We made our monkey at Build A Bear, and put in a recording device that we used to record ourselves saying, “Love you, Daddy” and “Love you, Sweetie”.  That way, he could hear our voices any time he wanted to.  He brought “Chief Monkey”, as he was named, home and our younger daughter adopted him.  Don’t miss his camo briefs and his Army-issued BCGs!



For the food, we added:

  • Little Debbie Banana Pudding Rolls
  • Buddy Fruits squeezable applesauce – banana flavored – very convenient for deployment
  • Banana chips
  • Banana pudding (and some plastic spoons)
  • Banana Bread flavored Oatmeal To Go cereal bars
  • Monkey mints – found at World Market



We also found a greeting card that had a monkey on it, not hard to find.



The Chief said it was “very cute…and very banana.”  🙂


Best of All

I think the best thing we added, though, was a photo book with pictures of our soldier’s girls making his stuffed monkey at Build A Bear.  I took pictures of us pumping the pedal that fills the stuffed animal, putting kisses on his hearts, (he has 3,) recording the message, picking out his clothes, even trying on different outfits.  My husband liked that best of all, and still has it.  So if you make a monkey, or even just go shopping for one, I really recommend you take pictures and make a photo book – it will mean a lot to the recipient.  After all, he/she is missing you all, too!



For Anyone In Tough Times

Finally, let me say this care package would be good for anyone going through a tough time, not just for a deployed soldier or overseas missionary.  You could create a gift basket, instead, and just offer some encouragement in a light-hearted way.

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I Hate Sand! Care Package

If you have a loved one deployed to the Middle East, or who is a missionary or student working in a desert region, then this care package idea is for you!  I sent this to my hubby when he was in The ‘Stan, and he still wears his I Hate Sand tee here at home.

First, I lined the US Mail Flat Rate box with beach-themed scrapbooking paper, putting sandy paper on the bottom.  Oh! You could use actual SANDPAPER! That would be awesome.

i hate sand care package beach


Then I gathered the following items, some of which had a sand-theme or texture:

  • I Hate Sand t-shirt from either Zazzle.com or Cafe Press.com (I forget, but they both probably have them)
  • Pecan Sandies cookies
  • crackers
  • chips, cashews, peanuts
  • K-cups.  Yes, my guy had a single-cup coffee machine I sent him.  We have to spoil our soldiers where we can 🙂


That’s it!  You can probably think of some other sandy things.  If so, please share them in the Comments, and help each other out, y’all!  Plus, I love reading what you have to say.

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Blessings to you all — Dawn

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Camping Themed Care Package

One thing that is synonymous with summertime is camping, so this is a great time of year to send a camping themed care package to your deployed loved one!  When my husband was in Afghanistan last year, I actually took our daughters camping by myself a couple of times.  Now don’t be too impressed.  We have a nice, modern camper, and it was stored at a campground where they pull it to your campsite and set it up for you.  I had it pretty easy!  But we really missed having him with us, and we knew he missed camping with the family so we sent him “Camping In A Box”.camping themed care package

We had found smores and camping themed scrapbooking paper at Hobby Lobby and used that to line the large flat rate box from US Postal Service.   Then I gathered these items:

  •  A pillowcase with our family’s photo printed on it and the message “Goodnight, Chief. We Love You!”   Attached: a note that said, “Now you can always kiss us goodnight.”
  • A box of graham crackers, a bag of marshmallows, and a BIG HUNK chocolate bar.
  • Hot chocolate packets.
  • A box of individual packets of trail mix.
  • A photo book of pictures of our girls and me on a camping trip.
  • Insect repellant wipes
  • A pen and postcard from the campground gift shop where we were doing our camping at the time.
  • K cups for his Keurig coffee maker.  (Yes, I sent him a Keurig! He said the coffee there was awful, and I figured, if he has to be in Afghanistan, he can at least have good coffee!  He shipped it home and we are now using it in our camper. That’s some sorry camping, huh?)
  • Magazines, “to read under the awning.”
  • A light bulb that he had requested.
  • Mustache Mints – ok, this is a whole story.  In the month of May, 2012, for some reason that I’m sure involves boredom, homesickness, and the need to build camaraderie, he and several of the guys in his unit decided to grow mustaches.  My husband declared it Maystache.  I happened to find this little mustache-shaped tin of mints at World Market – I was so happy!  Sure enough, around the beginning of June, most of them shaved the new mustaches off. Maystache over!


I see an air freshener in there, too.  He told me I might as well stop sending those, as the air was so dry there they dried out and were useless in a few days.

All packed up and ready to go.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this and gotten some good inspiration for a Camping Trip In A Box that you can send to a servicemember, student, or missionary that is far from home.  I’ll bring you another care package idea in a couple of weeks.  Subscribe via email or RSS reader so you don’t miss a new post – it’s free.    Blessings to you all — Dawn

camping themed care package

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