Camping Themed Care Package

One thing that is synonymous with summertime is camping, so this is a great time of year to send a camping themed care package to your deployed loved one!  When my husband was in Afghanistan last year, I actually took our daughters camping by myself a couple of times.  Now don’t be too impressed.  We have a nice, modern camper, and it was stored at a campground where they pull it to your campsite and set it up for you.  I had it pretty easy!  But we really missed having him with us, and we knew he missed camping with the family so we sent him “Camping In A Box”.camping themed care package

We had found smores and camping themed scrapbooking paper at Hobby Lobby and used that to line the large flat rate box from US Postal Service.   Then I gathered these items:

  •  A pillowcase with our family’s photo printed on it and the message “Goodnight, Chief. We Love You!”   Attached: a note that said, “Now you can always kiss us goodnight.”
  • A box of graham crackers, a bag of marshmallows, and a BIG HUNK chocolate bar.
  • Hot chocolate packets.
  • A box of individual packets of trail mix.
  • A photo book of pictures of our girls and me on a camping trip.
  • Insect repellant wipes
  • A pen and postcard from the campground gift shop where we were doing our camping at the time.
  • K cups for his Keurig coffee maker.  (Yes, I sent him a Keurig! He said the coffee there was awful, and I figured, if he has to be in Afghanistan, he can at least have good coffee!  He shipped it home and we are now using it in our camper. That’s some sorry camping, huh?)
  • Magazines, “to read under the awning.”
  • A light bulb that he had requested.
  • Mustache Mints – ok, this is a whole story.  In the month of May, 2012, for some reason that I’m sure involves boredom, homesickness, and the need to build camaraderie, he and several of the guys in his unit decided to grow mustaches.  My husband declared it Maystache.  I happened to find this little mustache-shaped tin of mints at World Market – I was so happy!  Sure enough, around the beginning of June, most of them shaved the new mustaches off. Maystache over!


I see an air freshener in there, too.  He told me I might as well stop sending those, as the air was so dry there they dried out and were useless in a few days.

All packed up and ready to go.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this and gotten some good inspiration for a Camping Trip In A Box that you can send to a servicemember, student, or missionary that is far from home.  I’ll bring you another care package idea in a couple of weeks.  Subscribe via email or RSS reader so you don’t miss a new post – it’s free.    Blessings to you all — Dawn

camping themed care package

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