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I am the wife of a SC Army National Guard soldier.  Married since 1992, we have two half-grown daughters, and two silly dogs. My husband has been in the National Guard since 1984.  After many years as an enlisted soldier and NCO, he became a Warrant Officer in 2010.  We were extremely fortunate for many years, in that he was never deployed…until August 2011 when we got the news.  He was going to Afghanistan.  We weren’t surprised, and he felt the need to go, I think.  But I was devastated.  I was just sure something terrible was going to happen to him.

With many months of prayer, support from family and friends, and lots of fun creating thoughtful care packages for him, we made it through that deployment.    He came home in March 2013, and I can never thank God enough for bringing him back safely.

If you have a loved one deployed, going through basic training or a career-enhancing school, or a college student, or a missionary abroad that you would like to send a care package to, are you feeling stumped for ideas?  I had the same problem! I found ideas on the Internet, and those ideas sparked ideas of my own.  I’m here to share them with you.  Feel free to “pin” to Pinterest, and subscribe via RSS reader or Email to stay up-to-date as I bring you updates every week or two.  Blessings to you and your loved ones, especially those in harm’s way, Dawn

Me on Homecoming Day!

Me on Homecoming Day!

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